Miyerkules, Agosto 17, 2011

Fever rantings

I have a bad cold and a raging fever while I'm writing this, so I thought it would be most prudent to keep this short.

Time Off. As I alluded to earlier, I took a week off of the Big Man's project. I still showed up for work at the Think Tank, but going to the project's a little too much of a hassle considering I'm not exactly up to my optimum capacity. During my time away, I was able to assess not just the Big Man's project, but all of the "teams" I've been a part of. Not for any particle reason.

The week off did me good though. It led to me discovering my next big mission.

Seeing Signs. Something seemingly trivial happened one day last week, but considering the several variables involved for that trivial event to take place, I just decided to see it as a sign to extradite my plans with the latest, and most likely greatest, romantic pursuit.

Yeah, this is not going to be painless. Will be worth it, I guess.

Back on the Mic. Did stand up again, in Ortigas no less, and did a relatively good job. After a string of bad nights at the old bar, I finally find my target audience: drunken college kids who just love hearing me talk about my penis. Got drunk and spent the following day sleeping for 20 hours, but it was worth it. Bout damn time I managed to get good ol' fashioned laughs again.

I will definitely be back the next time they hold comedy night, and I wont be forgetting my little notebook of jokes this time.

The Sky, and the long and winding road. Friday night, went to a new strip joint, which was mildly amusing. Saturday morning, went to the baptism celebration of Charisse's kid. Charisse is a girl the Big man and I hung around a lot back in high school, and well into the college years. Despite her positive aspects (I'm sure there are many.) she still retains her penchant for completely toning a day down to its most absurdly boring level. Hey, everyone needs a skill.

I did what I normally do when faced in such a mind numbing situation. Got really drunk 'til I passed out. It's my version of playing possum, only with alcohol and a lack of manners. What can I say? I can be downright respectful if given proper motivation. There wasn't any on that day. Happy for her, of course.

Quest Updated. Will join a contest. A stand up comedy contest. It will take up all my attention and finances for the next two months. This will also not be painless. This will definitely be worth it.

Cause that's what I do. I bring the funny, though it don't get me money.

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