Lunes, Pebrero 20, 2012

The New Normal

It's been relatively quiet the past couple of weeks, which is something I've come to look forward to since becoming sober. The past two weeks have been more of a transition phase for me and the new relationship I'm in, and the people in my immediate vicinity as everyone acclimates to the surprisingly ever-changing world of the Think Tank.

I'd like to think I'm settling into my new roles well (yeah, I have more than one), despite being overwhelmed at times. As my first year at the Think Tank comes to a close, I took the time to look back at everyone that has changed for me professionally and personally, and decided not to write about all that shit. Instead… this post.

A Semblance of Sanity.

The new relationship has been great, and I'm happy to report that this has to be the most normal relationship I've ever entered. While I've had a number of relationships, I've been pleasantly surprised to learn that I am still eligible for a few "firsts". Like a Valentine's Day that's actually pleasant. Or having a girlfriend that can me stop drinking energy drinks. And even willingly getting a haircut that was not inspired by so much stress that I take it out on my usually long and unruly hair. You know, couple-y shit like that.

I'm extremely happy. So much so that I don't think my brain has been able to process exactly how to respond to said happiness.

Stand Up with The Salesman.

After two weeks of missing stand up, due to perfectly good reasons, I brought the girlfriend with me to do open mic night, an event that also marked the big return of The Salesman into my normal life. Just weeks after I gushed about how being a part of the fruition of the Salesman and his girl's relationship, I was shocked to learn that they are on the verge of splitting up, with the Salesman using the "H" word a few times. It's sad, really, cause when the shit hit the fan on my previous relationship, the two of them were the among the first to take my side. When this new relationship was starting, or it was the two of them who pointed out the possibility of this actually happening. Whatever happens, though, both'll remain my friends. I just hope things work out.

Regarding my set, I didn't do as well as my first show of the year, but I think I did fine. I have several months before Hong Kong. I plan to be really ready by then.

The Business.

My participation in the family business is completely underway, so I see nothing but busy days in the coming months. I'm not quitting the Think Tank, especially not now. I'm actually excited to see if I can manage to pull this off… writing consultant, stand up comic, indy filmmaker and boyfriend… all without alcohol, drugs or energy drinks.

If I'm still sane in six months, I'm going to attempt to scale a mountain with my dick as my singular tool for ascent.

The New Charge.

The Breakfast Club recently said goodbye to our official leader in a touching and quiet manner (though there were moments of Islander chicanery and belly dancing). It's rare for me to find a boss that I actually respect, and with all the jobs I've had in my long and unremarkable professional life, there have only been three of them. One was from MTV, the other was from Purgatory, and now, her. It's not just because she let me get away with murder, and it's not just because she cut me a lot of slack last year during my crazier days. I've been in the company for a a year now, and I've never seen anyone who took the time to get to know every single one of her people. This is not a knock on the other higher ups in the company… I think it's just a perfect combination of good leadership in the face of an extremely diverse work force.

With her gone, a couple of people have taken over. There are also some other foreseeable problems with her departure and the turnover of power, and like any fan of stories, I'm excited to see what happens.

More Sleepless Nights.

The attacks are back. Nightly. And they're getting stronger. This is…interesting. It's good to have a hand to hold these days.

"Until you see me in your dreams

WE'll stay awake beneath the trees
We'll watch the buildings turn to dust
A sky of diamonds just for us
You are the risk I'll always take
The only branch I'll never break
Thsoe fears we'll blow them all way" - Ellie Goulding, "I'll Hold My Breath"

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