Linggo, Hunyo 12, 2011

No New Information

While my previous week was what one would consider as "action packed"… the lack of forward movement bothered me. Sort of. And it wasn't because the opportunities weren't there, I actually have a new task I'm working on, it's just that there isn't any drive to, you know, do anything.

I'm a tad bothered, not because nothing went down, but because I'm quite alright with a stolid week. Fuck. I really am turning into an old man.I really need a new girlfriend soon. Having one allows me the external motivation. That or not drinking. Yeah… we all know where I'm leaning towards.

Oh, interesting fact. Last week I fried bacon in butter. Let me repeat that. BACON. IN BUTTER. Amazing? Hell, yes.

Awkward Moments in Beautiful Places. The Big Man and I, both suffering from the usual stresses of day to day living, decided to blow off a tremendous amount of steam (as well as the Big Man's hard earned money) by hitting both Tagaytay and Marbles on the same night, with a couple of familiar faces. (One of them was only vaguely familiar.)

First, it was Tagaytay, where the Big Man, myself, and the Make Up Artist had two pitchers of Tequila Sunrise and a shitload of Red Horse and I was just staring at the beautiful night sky while wearing my ultra-cool Doraemon hat without a care in the world. (Anyone with that much alcohol in their system would not have a care in the world.) Then, I noticed that our other companion was not her jolly self when I first met her (sometime in the past few weeks). So when went to the bathroom, I asked them what was up her ass. Their response was surprising, and led to much more drinking. Apparently, in one of my drunken adventures over the past few weeks, this other girl was under the impression that she was my new girlfriend, an event I completely had no memory about.

And before we move on, yes, I do realize that there are instances wherein I make bad decisions. Then again, anyone who hooks up with a drunk person is equally inept when it comes to decision making, so let's just call this a tie. I'm pretty certain lines haven't been crossed and I dismissed it as just another drunken incident to tell my non-existent grand-kids. (Though, considering how life has been like since graduating, I wouldn't be surprised if they actually do exist.)

To cheer everyone up, we decided to go and find a place to sing in. After killing our drinks, and believe me we were all out of it, the Big Man drove from Tagaytay to Marbles in thirty fucking minutes. I shit you not, sir. Yes, it was midnight, and there were very few vehicles on the road, but regardless, you don't go from Tagaytay to Las PInas in 30 mins driving like a sane person.

Monday night, the videoke section was empty, and we kicked it old school there. Of course, we just had to have a couple of mind erasers to set the mood. Whatever awkwardness was forgotten and any bad decisions were washed away by a good night.

Long story short, that is why I missed going to the company outing. That, and I had to take care of the financial repercussions of getting paid late. But it was mostly because I slept through the day.

Team-Up? I normally don't like working with friends, with the exception of the BIg Mana and the rest of Coffeehouse Dreams. The reason for this isn't the same reason most of the idiots out there like to preach. I prefer working with people I don't know because I prefer working alone, something that you can't do when working on anything with a friend. The people from Coffeehouse Dreams are a huge exception because I actually like working with most them, and am able to tolerate the rest.

But, when the Salesman asked for some face time on a Tuesday night, asked for assistance on a project he's working on, and I wasn't able to say no. Though I never wanted to be involved in TV ever again, that shit seems to keep pulling me back. Seriously though, a friend of mine needs help, I help. I just hope things work out well. What I like about working with the Salesman is that there's always tequila whenever we have our meetings. Tuesday night's meeting started out with brainstorming at the mall and ended up with a political discussion at 3 AM.

Friday night's meeting involved weird Korean food the he cooked, rhum, and yes, more tequila. So far, the professional relationship seems to have a bright future.

Birthday Bash! I've known Jo F'n Regis for quite some time now, so when his birthday rolled around, there was very little I needed to do to celebrate: video games, The Hangover part II and, as part of the newly established annual tradition, cigars and beer. When the Therapist got out of work, that little party just got better with the addition of pork in the mix. Great fucking night.

Oh my. In six months I'll be turning thirty. I need to plan shit.

Another Birthday Bash! My latest attempts to retrace my steps was through Scoobytown as I dropped by to Marvi's daughter's 7th birthday. Seven years. It seems like it was just yesterday that Marvi was carrying that kid in her tummy while we were wearing togas. (Marvi got in a fight that day. Or almost got in a fight, if I hadn't stopped her.)

The rest of the Scoobies weren't able to attend, but hanging out with Marvi (and listening to her talk about the recent fights that she's been involved in) was a good thing. Like last week, on my day in the park with Jo F'n Regis and The Therapist, drinking with Marvi took me back to a better time, a better place, when I was among better people.

"Stop there and let me correct it
I wanna live a life from a new perspective
You come along because I love your face
And I'll admire your expensive taste
And who cares divine intervention
I wanna be praised from a new perspective
But leaving now would be a good idea
So catch me up on getting out of here" - Panic at the Disco, "New Perspective"

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